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The Function of roof cars is to position gondolas in front of the facade.Essentially,the characteristics and functions of the roof car determines the range of the system.Roof cars are to be custom made to the roof and make sure the gondolas can access all required parts of the facade.


Also known as traversing work bridges.Gantries are the perfect solution for reaching (glass) atriums that are difficult to access.We deliver both exterior and interior gantries,for work on the inside or on the outside of the atrium.


Our mast installations consist of a prole mast,an aluminium monorail system attached to the facade, a trolley that moves the mast over the rails and a platform that moves up and down by means of a hoist.


Our monorail systems are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.This system is ideal for medium-rise buildings with complicated designs and hard to reach facades.A monorail system consists of two parts ;the trails and a trolley which moves over the rails.A monorail system can be fixed to a buildings facade or ceiling,which makes this system.

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The gondola of a facade access system is the cradle in which the workers  perform their work.In our vision,users inside a gondola at great heights must be able to do their work easily,safely and ergonomically.